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File: 1697845910476-0.gif (3.98 MB, 480x270, 16:9, the-internet.gif) ImgOps iqdb

 No.73638[Last 50 Posts][Watch Thread]

Pat 12 of the webring thread!

How do I join?

* a link to your website
* a 240x60 banner of your website

* Post a link to your RSS feed on your site. Communicate with other Lains by responding to articles on their RSS feeds with responses on your RSS feed. If you're both subscribed to each others feeds, you'll see each others responses and can long-form communicate back and forth in a decentralized way.
* Share your tech stack. What tools are you using to build your site, resources for learning how to build sites, guides on self hosting and shared hosting, etc, etc. Help new anons set up their own sites and join the webring.

Prior thread (11): https://lainchan.org/%CE%A9/res/70358.html
Prior prior thread (9): https://lainchan.org/%CE%A9/res/63471.html
Combined Webring RSS OPML: https://yukinu.com/static/opml/webring.opml


File: 1697852394486-0.png (31.42 KB, 164x164, 1:1, hand.png) ImgOps iqdb

glad a new thread was made for this, i thought it had been a while since i'd seen any activity on the ring



File: 1697863658960-0.gif (34.26 KB, 240x60, 4:1, yukinu.gif) ImgOps iqdb

* My site: https://yukinu.com
* My RSS: https://yukinu.com/feed/rss.xml
* My tech: my site is hosted on an ubuntu VPS. The main Yukinu site is built statically using a JS-based SSG, and I use lighttpd for a web server. My forum is based on phpBB3 and my git instance is based on a Gitea fork (forgejo). My Invidious instance is hosted in a docker container (bit easier to deploy that way, although I typically prefer no containerization to reduce overhead).

>glad a new thread was made for this, i thought it had been a while since i'd seen any activity on the ring
trying to keep it going as long as there is still some interest, pretty neat that the threads have been going this long



i love it. gonna start on mine



File: 1697910548756-0.gif (15.65 KB, 240x60, 4:1, xn-neko.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1697910548756-1.png (465.55 KB, 712x747, 712:747, 1643464458.png) ImgOps iqdb

nice, was starting to think it was over
since its early and I'd like to see that standard format used more I guess I'll repost my stuff as well. in most rings and should have it mostly correctly updated still on mine

* My site: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/
* My RSS: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/blog/rss/
* My tech: its all nginx with hand bodged php, both unsavably outdated, on a very outdated vps I pay 15 usd a year for. theres a tiny tmp host and blog for some 'content' but my main use was always just having a self controlled place to upload pics to share, to great annoyance of people seeing the url. about the url since its a fully unicode domain both 猫.移动 and xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g are valid, dns records only really understand the ascii punycoded one, but browsers and most other things will cope with the moonrunes.
see also attached the high quality overview of the blogging backend, though it doesnt list that I later added thumbnails, you get the idea its all on request from only the flat files.

Cheers to the new thread hope it keeps going.



File: 1697920534564-0.png (20.69 KB, 200x50, 4:1, smile.png) ImgOps iqdb

one of my favorite sites on the ring

i'll repost as well as when I posted my site last time I didn't have an RSS feed to share

* My site: https://jahanrashidi.com
* My RSS: https://jahanrashidi.com/rss/
* My tech: I use a lot of PHP and MySQL on the site to keep things automated. Hosting-wise I use Bluehost (yuck, I know). I talk about it a bit more on my about page if you're interested https://jahanrashidi.com/about/#site

Happy gardening



working does kind of suck



Hi, im the owner of skumsoft.ltd/slimenet, I saw in the previous thread that some were considering removing me from the webring because I don't have the webring listed, but I do! I have the whole time, but it's admittedly very out of date.

Ill fix that here soon



alright, Ive updated my mirror of the web ring (I just swiped all the links from the lain.la page)

I also put an 88x31 button on my side panel to hopefully make it a bit easier for people to find, as well as having it on my links page where it was initially



Hey all https://deurist.neocities.org/ here,

I haven't been active here for over 2 years. Mostly wrote a lot and did monkey desk work for big pharma. Will try to update my page with 3-4 chapters from a standalone sci-fi thingy I am writting.

Do we have a newish page with all other banners?



Think sizeof has the all newest ones



I've written a ton of pages and want to regularise the headers and footers between all of them.
Is there a more elegant way to do that then just manually copy pasting the header and footer sections over each page?
Yes I know I should've done this first but I wasn't sure what I wanted to to put in them. Looking online gives me advice for making auto updating stuff and advice for specific services, but I'm using bluegriffon and writing most stuff by hand.



I write my pages just as the body html content, and have a little script which inserts this into a page template whenever I want to build my site. This way if I want to change i.e. sidebar stuff I can just do it in the template and then rebuild.



>>73638 (OP)

So this thread is almost like a re-introduction? Rad.

Just want to say to those who added me in the past. Thank you very much! Really dig the concept of this webring and hope to see it grow.

* My Clearnet Site: https://www.s-config.com
* My Onion Site: http://xjfbpuj56rdazx4iolylxplbvyft2onuerjeimlcqwaihp3s6r4xebqd.onion
* My I2P Site: atlkfvuwwpgvnw24dkwyyxf5psrueozxb3i6zgebymjuquuquvqq.b32.i2p
My RSS: https://www.s-config.com/feed/ - v2.0 RSS https://www.s-config.com/feed/atom/ - ATOM

My tech: Anubianhost VPN (Vultr Reseller) running Debian with Nginx. WordPress CMS was heavily modified over the years to add dynamic link hooks for Tor and I2P . Cron script backend supporting WebP, AVIF, JXL. $35/mo on VPS fees + $115/yr for the wildcard digicert SSL. Could go cheaper. But simply refuse.

Advice to anons wanting to start: I got articles talking about all sorts of subjects. I do what I want. However, I'll share the most important piece of advice I was given after failing 3 personal sites throughout my lifetime:

Your stack isn't important. Where you are hosting isn't important. Readers don't care what software you are running. Content is king. You write, you code, you voice act or sing, you make music, you take pictures, You can even video blog without YouTube. Hell even host a downloadable game without needing an overlord gaming community. Tech is important. But at the end of the day. It's just background to assist your content. That's it.

One last thing, I'll attach some logos. Some people like animated logos. Mine's a little heavy at 2.5Mb but don't need to use it. I still have my classic still image logo. and finally an 88x31 for those rocking classic sites.

Server protect you.

- S



Which OS are you using and is your site public? Bluegriffin is a WYSIWYG editor, typically good for building templates and a few pages, but difficult to use when you need to scale to hundreds or thousands of pages that use the same template but different content. You likely have a few options:

* If you only need to modify styles, move all of your style code into a CSS file and link to that file, don't use any inline style tags.
* As a quick hack, link a JavaScript file in all of the pages and use a script to modify headers (however this will only work for certain headers, and won't work for users with JavaScript disabled, so this is generally a poor solution).
* Use a small build script to build all of your pages. Separate your content from presentation. This is typically how SSGs work. If your site is public I can probably set up a quick script and a mustache template for you that you can use to build all of your files from single template. You can still edit your HTML templates in Bluegriffin, but won't actually see the final output until you run the build script.
* Migrate to an SSG. Jekyll and Hugo are 2 popular SSGs. It will take some time to wrap your head around them though, but getting past the learning curve is well worth it.




<h1><blink><marquee>welcome to my world wide web home page under construction pls sign guestbook L.O.L.</marquee></blink></h1> 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>we're going surfing on the internet</title>
<?php include("/home/on/the/range/header.php"); ?>

If php is not cyberpunk enough for u then do:

find . -type f -iname '*.htm' -exec sed -i '/<body>/r header.txt' {} \; 

or whatever
but then you have to do it individually for future pages or adjust the pattern (or specify mtime in find) to avoid duplicates. Or start using a static site generator where you can put this in a template



How did you get this domain name?



File: 1698077269600-0.png (4.15 KB, 240x60, 4:1, 240x60.png) ImgOps iqdb

* My site: http://my.faith.rip/
* My tech: hosted on various VPS but this primary page is hosted on a simple droplet.

Working on expanding the website as its in its barebone form now



File: 1698098510465-0.png (58.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, resizedgun.png) ImgOps iqdb

i like the vibe but could y'all stop putting blue hyperlinks on black backgrounds? I have to highlight the links in order to be able to read them



File: 1698099040104-0.png (15.69 KB, 331x286, 331:286, 1697262154355883.png) ImgOps iqdb

ill fix it in next site update to be like white or smtng



File: 1698115820819-0.png (13.24 KB, 240x60, 4:1, scio.png) ImgOps iqdb

* My site: https://scio.icu
* My RSS: N/A
(Non-native English speaker, may have grammatical errors)
* My tech: I have two small servers:
1. 1c2g1Mbps, 12$/y, ubuntu+apache2+PHP8.1+MySQL8. Hosted a static site (scio.icu), a mediawiki (wiki.scio.icu), and a typecho (blog.scio.icu)
2. 1c1g10Gbps, 15$/y, ubuntu+apache2. Hosted 2 static websites (scio.eu.org, oicsp.scio.eu.org)
I call it "SCIO系列站点", which should be translated into English as "SCIO series site". They have their own functions, but if they were to be listed one by one, it would be too cumbersome and not of reference significance.

The main site I use is "wiki.scio.icu", I call it "WIKI".I edit it almost every day, mostly my life, thoughts, notes, everything. It uses the mediawiki framework, just like Wikipedia, but with "VisualEditor", editing is very convenient and it is easier to keep creating.
I also used some advanced functions, but due to my lack of IT-related skills, there were some minor problems that I could not solve. But in general, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. I recorded this process on the "WIKI功能" page ( Indexed in the sidebar, or search within the site. But it is in Chinese and may not be suitable for you.)
I've been using mediawiki for over 1 year, it wasn't created for personal blogging but works perfectly for me.
The only disadvantage is that the latest version and its compatible MySQL/PHP version have some configuration requirements, and my server configuration is very low. I often have to wait a long time (10-30s) when submitting edits.

I like this feeling very much, because I like to write things, especially writing "Charters" and introductions for projects I create, and I can be very verbose. I enjoy this, but obviously, such a "tirade" won't be welcomed or tolerated by everyone, so I created my own site to speak freely.





Sorry, I forgot to mention that everything in it is in Chinese. Even Chinese people can't understand some of the content because I used a lot of unconventional vocabulary and usage, so it may not be friendly to you —— that's why The main reason why I created my own site and lurked around the web but rarely participated in discussions.



File: 1698156576953-0.gif (43.17 KB, 240x60, 4:1, 2562456.gif) ImgOps iqdb

My Site: https://articexploit.xyz
My RSS: https://articexploit.xyz/blog/rss.xml
My Tech: home server Dell Optiplex 9020 i7-4790 16GB ddr3. Debian 11. Docker. Custom image with php+apache+additional packages for php. Currently using cloudflare tunnels but looking to switch to a vps with ssh tunneling (lmk if you have suggestions about that)



File: 1698299377699-0.gif (115.32 KB, 240x60, 4:1, bass2nick.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1698299377699-1.png (12.39 KB, 240x60, 4:1, bass2nick_still.png) ImgOps iqdb

photography, filehosting, a forum, hobby articles, and some other stuff
VPS from tornado vps (110 USD/yr), debian, nginx, domain from bookmyname

That sounds like something I'd like to incorporate. Might be nice to combine a site building script with my backup script.

If I wasn't writing all my html and the rss feed by hand, I'd probably update 3x as often.

I like the idea of including descriptions in your ring. It communicates that you've actually browsed those sites, which I'm sure the admins would appreciate (I know I do).

To curb some potential clutter, my implementation of such might manifest as descriptions on hover, as seen on the front page of my site.



File: 1698339361562-0.png (11.93 KB, 240x60, 4:1, maerk2.png) ImgOps iqdb

* Site: https://maerk.xyz
* RSS: https://maerk.xyz/index.xml
* Tech: I use Hugo and Apache running on a Debian server. This is the first website I've made with Hugo and I really like using it so far.

Anyone have suggestions for the layout of my site? Every page looking so similar feels kind of boring. I was thinking of spicing some of the list pages with small images or gifs. Nothing too distracting. I think adding a second column could look nice but I don't know what I'd put there. If you use the light theme on your computer, let me know what you think of my site's theme. I originally designed this site with a dark color scheme in mind and the light theme came later. Thanks lads. These threads are great.



not related to the layout, but the rss. You should wrap all the stuff in your <description> tags with <![CDATA[ (stuff goes here) ]]> as certain characters (I don't remember which exactly, but I remember it causing issues for me in the past) can be interpreted as part of the XML and cause errors in reading the feed. Anyways, love the articles :)



Thanks. I'll look into fixing the RSS. I'm glad you like the articles. Sometimes I worry that I sound like a huge dumb ass.



Your site layout is nice and functional, I wouldn't change anything without a specific reason to.
Good luck with the arcade cabinet



Not public yet, want to sort out the header/footer clusterfuck before going live.

Will take a look at Hugo thanks, I have 20 pages so far and managing them is already getting complicated so I should probably migrate to a more sophisticated tool before I get burnt out doing everything manually. Theming etc. is thankfully already in a stylesheet, I knew doing that manually would be a nightmare, though my theming is very basic and I'm not doing half the soykaf I probably should be doing



File: 1698494908164-0.jpeg (576.08 KB, 1199x1666, 1199:1666, IMG_9988.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I apologise for not having my site updated yet. I’m currently busy irl and I need to work on some other stuff aswell. I’ll make sure to try updating it when I can ^^



File: 1698501407032-1.gif (3.12 KB, 88x31, 88:31, blogbutton.gif) ImgOps iqdb

hey, its shrapnelnet. glad to see the thread is still going !


i'm also working on a microblog type thing i hope to have up soon.

until next time



try containerizing and using a cloud service. i don't get a ton of traffic but i pay pennies every month.



File: 1698581915802-0.png (8.4 KB, 240x60, 4:1, sftn.png) ImgOps iqdb

>>73638 (OP)
Haven't been on the chans for a while but the website is still up




So many of your from the last thread that plugged their sites for the first time didn't bother adding the webring yet. Chop chop!



hey glad to see you're still around, you're site is what inspired me to create mine



Yeah I saw that, good stuff!

I was thinking of adding links to your website and https://circlesofshell.com/ to build up a little community of SFTN forks



have yet to be convinced that webrings are an actual effective way of collecting worthwhile sites. its impossible to actually sift through sites that are actively maintained, find what sites host things that i might actually be interested in, there is no sort of curation for quality, etc.

not trying to be a downer its worth it if it does actually encourage people to create their own websites, but just feel like there has to be a more effective way to actually connect sites together.



Part of the fun is sorting and curating those sites yourself. Sometimes you might get interested in things you would never search for by yourself.




"Quality" is a bit of a minds-eye kind of thing. You have to base a metric on what quality means. Google PageRank tried that. Didn't end so well.

One could Neocities it and ask webmasters to generate a txt file of meta (hashtagging) words that describe their site. But as this is a decentralized webring there is no absolute that anyone would place that .txt file anywhere on their site.

But totally agree with the fact it's about exploration. Which webrings do accomplish this job.



cool Cammy banners
however, your main div should be wider



For readability? Or is it just an HTML thing



There's no reason to spend over 50% of people's horizontal screen real estate on a background image. How about instead of
main {
max-width: 600px;

you do
main {
max-width: 80vw;



Also, if you really want to show off the background image, you can make the main div semi-transparent using background-color: rgba(...



Completely disagree on this one.
Assuming most readers browse the web in full screen you are doing them a favor by limiting line width for better readability. The optimal line width sits at about 50-80 characters per line on typical font sizes.



I'll suggest

width: 70ch;
max-width: 80vw

This will prevent the main content from taking up the entire screen but also keep it from growing so large that the lines become unreadable on wide monitors. It will also scale better for users who use a custom font size or zoom in.



File: 1699261571288.gif (Spoiler Image, 319.28 KB, 240x60, 4:1, 1699243369204.gif) ImgOps iqdb

yesterday i created a website because i was looking at this webring and decided to make one, here is the url and banner, tomorrow will add the banners of the webring.



File: 1699295111758-0.gif (7.54 KB, 240x60, 4:1, TheCryptV2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

hi frens...
still no update lol
hope your lives are going well enough






File: 1699612147624-0.gif (13.48 KB, 240x60, 4:1, crystal_lainring.gif) ImgOps iqdb

oh so we are doing reintroductions ? great

* My site: https://crystal.tilde.institute

* My tech: My website is hosted on the pubNix tilde.institute, as for the backend, I actually write my website in an org document and use emacs to convert it to html, plus a handcrafted css file. I try my best to not use cookies or javascript, but currently the main issue is the guestbook, if yall have a foss alternative please lemme know

I added your website chief, welcome to the ring



>Rule 24: On the internet men are men, women are also men, and kids are undercover FBI agents.
>this idea of course didn’t come from nowhere, i blame it mostly on American movies about “Tech-geeks”
No, it's because at one point the internet really was mostly used by heterosexual men who didn't fit in. It was basically a safe space for them, because it wasn't saturated by the people who treated them like sub-humans for being socially awkward and lacking masculinity.



File: 1699673773194-0.gif (5.81 KB, 240x60, 4:1, goodboyjojo.gif) ImgOps iqdb

hello everybody this is my site.

i want to join the webring because i want to learn to be more social and talk to people and lainchan for the most part seems chill( except for a few trolls and mean people but that is with any imageborad site). so yeah this is my website linked above.



I wanted to write a blog post about how to use GPG, but everything I tried to write down felt like a reiteration of something already easily available online. I didn’t feel like I was adding anything interesting by making the post.

Has anyone else run into a similar situation?



Write what you want, put it out.
If someone values it they will be glad you did, if they don't at least you enjoyed writing it.

Almost everything ever written is derivative of some previous thing



Yes, fren. The short answer is to "not gib a shid". A longer answer might look something like this: https://fabiensanglard.net/blog/



15 usd for that?! You might wanna check out mvps (dot) net. Their 4 and 7 euro offerings are pretty good, and you can probably edge out some more storage with btrfs zstd compression (don't worry they have auto and manual backup options)



File: 1699722809602-0.png (2.37 KB, 240x60, 4:1, lainnet_banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

* My site: https://lainnet.superglobalmegacorp.com
* My RSS: https://lainnet.superglobalmegacorp.com/rss.xml
* My tech: Hosted on a Debian 12-based VPS with nginx acting as a frontline web server and reverse proxy for certain URLs, with Apache Web Server serving most of the site's content. These days I use it quite a bit as an RD Gateway, since I find myself having to remote into my home machines a lot.

I've now added an RSS feed, and I've also added some of the new webring entries listed in this thread. to the links page. I'm also writing a hybrid Futaba/5ch/forum-like message board system as a graduation project, but since I've written it entirely from scratch in PHP, I won't open it up just yet for public use due to abuse and security concerns.



No banner or anything as it isn't my site, but this is a cool corner I found:



so this is just an IRC server? I can't seem to be able to connect with the sourcehut bouncer



nevermind the IRC address is irc.teapot.chat, not teapot.chat



all the time. not everything has to be a super intelligent masterpiece, though.



I wrote a guestbook in php if you're interested, it's nothing crazy, but it should do the trick



Oh a new thread. Awesome !!!
*Website: https
I will try it out. Thanks Lain !!!



thats why i havent added much content to my site, i know things but its only things other people also know about
theres still that pressure though especially for this webring. my sites been excluded for threads because of the expectations anons have



I just ended up saying screw it and wrote the GPG post.
Worst case scenario, I forget how to use GPG in the future and now I have a post on how to use it which is written in a similar way to how I think *shrug*



Re-link your site, anon.



I've been here for a bit and I'm one of the previous organization users. I was going to make a simple script to basically build out a webring page using a simple json array. basically put webring.json on web server root or whatever path and script will use that to keep the webring in sync and optionally generate a page or you can just use the json to make your own page. blacklist for sites you don't want to include but may be included on other instances. Simple lowtech and hopefully low effort on admin's part. I'm probably going to make it anyway just for fun even if nobody decides to use it.

anyway my site is 3to.moe, still WIP and no banner atm



My site: https://idelides.xyz/
My RSS: https://www.idelides.xyz/rss/

I used mostly W3schools as tutorials, and flexbox tutorials from sadgrl. Devastatia (https://www.devastatia.com/home) helped me build the RSS feed.

One problem I've encountered with my site, is that for essential elements like the nav, it's such a pain to have to alter every single page when I want to add something to it. For CSS of course I can just edit the relevant CSS file and it applies to all pages that have it linked, but if I want to add a new link to the nav, I can't do that without editing every single page. I know there's gotta be a way to do something similar to the CSS file with Javascript or PHP, but I'm so inexperienced with those languages, I don't know how yet.



you can include another page (one dedicated to your nav) inside another page using php like so:



yeah that's partly why javascript frameworks are a thing now (dynamic content being the other part). PHP is the precursor to that and will allow you to template page content like the nav. you may also want to look into jinja templates and static site generators. low tech solution is to just make a template.html for yourself and use that to build out pages.



>have yet to be convinced that webrings are an actual effective way of collecting worthwhile sites.

Webrings are an entry point for discovering new and interesting content, especially niche content that you may not even realize you're interested in until you actually see it for the first time.

>its impossible to actually sift through sites that are actively maintained

That's what RSS is useful for. Many sites you find in a webring will likely be personal sites or small group sites dedicated to a particular hobby or niche. These sites are often not updated frequently, but rather are maintained passively over long periods of time. In many cases, this can lead to higher quality content with more depth to it since the authors of the content aren't under pressure to frequently drip out content every day; the algorithms on the large platforms force the content creators to publish frequently without the necessary time for refinement, and thus you often get quantity over quality. Unfortunately, the operating systems and applications that most people are familiar don't have a proper interface for getting infrequent updates from many small sites over long periods of time. Suppose you found 100 interesting sites that publish 1 post every month, you would need to keep 100 browser tabs open and cycle through all of them every day to see which 3 on average sites have an update. With RSS however, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of all these sites, update all of the feeds once a day, and aggregate all of the new posts into a rolling, chronologically sorted list of posts. RSS feeds solve the problem of receiving content from smaller, passively updated sites, but it will take some time to subscribe to enough feeds.

>find what sites host things that i might actually be interested in

You typically have to find a site published by someone who has a lot of similar interests, and from there try to follow a lot of their external links to find more things you may be interested in. It's similar to receiving recommendations from friends, but it can take a while to find a site that you really resonate with.

>there is no sort of curation for quality

It depends on the webring. Some webrings have stricter requirements for joining and focus on narrower niches, while others may be more general in nature and have wider participation. Both approaches have pros and cons.





Well anyway, I wrote the tool and used it to mirror maerk.xyz's list (probably should've done sizeof(cat)'s)


If you want to update your list or are just joining you can use it to pull a good portion of the sites.
Ironically, I still don't have a banner.
Script is here if you're interested, if not, oh well.



File: 1700411360286-0.png (3.84 KB, 240x60, 4:1, b4rkod.png) ImgOps iqdb

My site: https://b4rkod.net.tr/
My RSS: https://b4rkod.net.tr/rss.xml
My tech: A debian 12 server running nginx on a 10$ year vps from nerdrack. I use bash scripts to generate html files from blogpost texts, add those posts to index and rss file and copy them to the server. It is not yet efficient because i am new to these things.
The icon bar thing:https://b4rkod.net.tr/file/b4rkod.png



You want a static site generator like Hugo or Jekyll, let you write files in markdown and automatically export them as HTML, lets you easily set up categories and tagging and does indexing by date etc. automatically.

I spent like 2 months making a site in raw HTML then switched to using Hugo and got way more design stuff done in 2 days, including the time it took to learn Hugo and basic Markdown and convert my old content over.



I am close to the exam season, today was the last day where i spent time on the website for the next 2 weeks. After that i will look into them, thanks.



File: 1700418781915-0.jpg (98.68 KB, 1000x607, 1000:607, iwannajointhem.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Hi anon. Regarding your words about being new, I can recommend checking out "landchad.net" since it has neat tutorials on setting up webservices and all that. Will be looking forward to your website for further blogposts! Uzun süredir ben de site açmak istiyorum ama YKS yüzünden kuramıyorum :c Yine de buralarda bizden birini görmek güzel. :)



I would actually NOT recommend landchad.net, I think a lot of the stuff on his site is pretty intimidating for beginners. For example, he recommends vultr, which is a fine service but not friendly towards beginners at all, it's generally aimed at corporations or sites expecting a lot of traffic.



what are you talking about? a VPS is a VPS. It's going to be the same process for nearly any provider. Don't go with a web hosting service, it's an antiquated approach. I wouldn't recommend Vultr because he wants you to use his reflink. all of the tuts on landchad are barebones beginner stuff.



you can find good hosts here



File: 1700427292072-0.gif (2.82 KB, 240x60, 4:1, 3tomoe-banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Hello again, made a banner



>>73638 (OP)
hello lainons!! its been a while :3
you all can add yourself to my webring on my github (located on the site) and just copy the banner url from the side box on my site ^^


(ps if your link is missing in the webring json, please update it !!! i had to recreate the file from backup and lost some data)

also for those of you who saw the previous version/first half of 1.4.5, what do you think of it now?? if you remember xD



I gave it a go and compared to my txt 2 html bash scripts combined with my general knowledge about shell hugo was not very good.
It was also really big and created a layer i am not really into.
I know his site, i even used his nginx configuration as a base for mine.




Hey bro, cool website, wonderful aesthetic and all. one thing i didnt like is the couldflare captcha at the beginning, not that big of an issue for me since i use the clearnet, but some tor users will def hate it

I also dont have github so if you dont mind adding me manually (my website is https://crystal.tilde.institute)

And one last thing, do you have a banner ?



Yeah I have a banner: https://requiem.moe/banner.gif

And sorry, I have challenges for ips with threats and certain countries that I have recieved bruteforcing from alot :pp

You've been added! ^~^ I hope your week has been comfy



Your site's pretty densely packed with content, which I like, but it's quite laggy on my end. I understand that a mobile Sandy Bridge i5 is by no means the king of performance today, but still.



Thank you anon.

>mobile Sandy Bridge

I'm sorry to hear that anon, however I did express some concern on my part about how it could have poor performance (blog post #17) and I hope to have it fixed and or very optimized by 1.4.6 or 1.4.7, not to mention mobile css because I only made it for desktop right now



I've been told that my site is hard to read. What do lainons think? Should I tone down the design?
Also, how can I make a GIF button? I've considered making it glow like the text on the site.



It is not neon pink on matte pink tier unreadable but the glitchy font makes it quite hard on the eye



It isn't hard to read in a legibility sense but its very fatiguing to look at for any length of time.
It feels like my eyes are constantly struggling to refocus on the text and it hurts after a few minutes.

Maybe you could only use the effect for certain headings or something? Its cool but having it on all text makes me not want to read your website



Personally, I think just increasing the font size a bit would do a lot to help legibility. I like your style and I don't think there's much need to tone down the design.



Cool banner mate, def liking the Lain reference. However, its pretty massive for my home internet, so i will try to download it elsewhere when i get time !!!



>Maybe you could only use the effect for certain headings or something?
I might do this. Thanks for the suggestion.





ty fren, yeah I'm optimizing everything right now, hopefull y in the future ill have my banner smaller :3>>74337



hi, it's angelsaremathematical.neocities.org
didn't update my webring in a while. someone made a google doc some time ago with members or the ring and there was a note about me loading banners off other sites, i partially fixed that, will try to upload all of them to my website over time. also swapped some links for dead sites with their archived versions from wayback machine. i'll reply to some of the posts from the old thread..

fuarrrk off, tardzone is my favorite website in the ring. don't tell other people what to do, glitterboy

>>72418 https://redchanit.xyz/
thanks for your effort, added

>>72480 https://crystal.tilde.institute/
added! your website looks great, you did a good job

>>72688 https://risingthumb.xyz/
sick website dude, thanks for adding me. added you too

>>72706 https://grafo.zone/
updated your banner! always great to see people still working on their sites instead of abandoning them

>>72767 https://antekgort200.github.io/
hahaha you are cool, added

>>72986 http://mkultravict.im/
great start! added. don't abandon your page!

>>73020 https://maerk.xyz/
ohh damn so many posts, so nice. added. u r cool !!! return the pink theme please for us girlmaxxing bimbo lainons...

>>73274 https://lainnet.superglobalmegacorp.com/
SHIT, fuarrrkin love your website, such a cool aesthetic. added of course, i'm in love

>>73329 https://s0mt0chukwu.neocities.org/
you have to make a banner first!

>>73670 https://www.s-config.com
didn't have you before, added

>>73692 http://my.faith.rip/
added. great start, DON'T ABANDON

>>74039 mauwq.neocities.org
added. love the aesthetic! hoping to see more from you. i actually really like your site

>>74048 https://thecrypt.neocities.org/
sick website, loving it, but the banner is lame lol (sorry), pretty unoriginal, i feel like there is a bunch of other members in the ring with very similar banners..

>>74240 https://idelides.xyz/
nice, added

>>74270 https://b4rkod.net.tr/
added. hope to see more from you!

>>74277 https://3to.moe/
cool! added



File: 1701084023618-0.jpg (15.06 KB, 240x60, 4:1, gayniggers.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

oh also if you, fuarrrking nigger, think that tardzone shouldn't be on the ring, check out the https://gayniggersfromouterspace.neocities.org/

this website appears to be forgotten by other members of the ring... i came across it when browsing an old archived version of the webring of someone's offline site on the wayback machine




S-Config.com here. Thank you very much for the add. I have done the same. Apologies for not adding sooner.



>he doesn't know gayniggers from outer space



Great site, i love it, glad you linked it.



File: 1701206224302-0.jpg (138.05 KB, 1199x1076, 1199:1076, palutena raid spray.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Anybody else getting random emails claiming their site in the webring got featured in a YouTube video? I've had this happen on two different occasions and I'm wondering where in the hell these braindead YouTubers keep coming from since I don't advertise my site anywhere else.



I've had reviews of my site from Tor. But no e-mails from the lainchan webring. No.

It's probably a matter of time. Webrings making a comeback because of the abject failure of search engines due to SEO-AI pissing in the pond of information.

So anything new/weird YouTubers will report on. After all, their business relies on middle-ware content creation serving an algorithm that demands a constant flow of data or else be destroyed. The few times I had my site looked at they were super nice to me. And thus, feel a little bad for their situation and hope they too self-host a website in case alphabet inc. zeroes them.



Link to the YouTube vids?



File: 1701287726956-0.png (670.91 KB, 941x983, 941:983, lucina cross.png) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't notice until now that these appear to be the same person/channel, just a few months apart. Both occasions I got an email from someone who'd watched the video. One person told me not to kill myself, which I wasn't sure whether to interpret as funny or condescending considering I'm very much still alive. (And also thriving, at least by Lainchan standards.)
No timestamps because I don't like watching YouTubers go "OMG! SO SPOOKY!!1!"



I went through the hassle of watching the entire thing. The dude supposedly thought it was a suicide letter on the first video, then he read the disclaimer in the second video and apologized. These type of reaction videos are kinda soy to be honest.

>I don't like watching YouTubers go "OMG! SO SPOOKY!!1!"

yep, couldn't have said it better myself



Lmao. I forgot that to most people we are part of deep web underground mafia or something



>>73638 (OP)

Looked at the video too.

Yes, he apologized. Wasn't him that contacted you but one of his fans. But still.

Yes, he is right that there wasn't any navigation or breadcrumb system. But should there be? That's strictly a design choice. That you write a page and DONE! It's just like reading a book. The content you are given is all your mind has to work with and no distractions.

Perhaps people have gotten too soft about being hand-held throughout a website. What if printed media like a 500 page novel suddenly has QR codes and banners at the footer of every page? That would be rather dystopian.

For a YouTuber who has been doing this 'deep web' show for so long he gave up counting after the late 200's and started over. You'd think they'd see the address bar and go, 'huh. What if I delete /pg1.html ?'

The edit job was rushed. Didn't do his research and most likely based his content off of a search engine on Tor which is problematic. Never ever provides links in his description tab, so others could investigate (and possibly correct him in the comments section).

Getting past all that, there's a consolation prize. As a writer. You did invoke an emotion for the person reading your content. May not be what you wanted. However, it shows how good of a writer you are.

Anyhow, my 2-cents for what it's worth.



File: 1701464591190-0.png (440.27 KB, 806x583, 806:583, Screenshot_20231201_130219.png) ImgOps iqdb