IndieWeb Carnival January 2024: Positive Internalization

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IndieWeb Carnival January 2024: Positive Internalization
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Happy New Year!

I’m so excited to be starting 2024 off with a bang by hosting the 8th mensual IndieWeb CarnivalึŽ! Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate:

  • Write in any language! God bless Google TranslateึŽ!
  • No blog? No problem! Get your submission to me and I’ll publish it!
  • More of a talker? Dam, yo. I’m even accepting recordings!

The soft deadline is February 1st. But don’t push it, it ain’t dat soft. Followed by the roundup post shortly thereafter. Get your submission to me via any of the following:

And without further ado…

The Challenge

Psychological internalizationึŽ refers, roughly, to the process of taking in and making external ideas (values, attitudes, or standards) a part of your own thoughts, beliefs, personality and identity. This can happen through both conscious and unconscious means.

It is something that occurs as a normal part of development. For example, a child adopting the moral values of their parents, incorporating them into their own sense of right and wrong.

You’ll notice that internalization itself is an inherently neutral phenomenon. People can internalize both positive (good for you) and negative (bad for you) ideas. Unfortunately, humanity (generally) seems to possess a negativity biasึŽ. But that’s precisely the issue we’re going to address:

Your entry for this month’s carnival will have you intentionally seek out positive memories. Memories that remind you of the good parts of yourself; the facets of your being that you want to see more of, that you wish to nurture and grow. By reliving them and seeing yourself in that positive light, you help to internalize a healthier, and more accurate, self-perception.

It’s important to note that effective internalization is about emotions. It’s not enough to think that your memory is positive, it has to FEEL positive. If you sincerely want the benefits, then this is not something you can “logic” your way out of. Don’t listen to your brain, listen to your heart.

It’s a new year, traveler. Let’s set ourselves up for a good one.

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