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Planted: January 13, 2023
Last tended: February 25, 2023

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K-12 Teacher[LEAST RECENT YEAR][REDACTED]~ 1 insult/hr
K-12 Teacher[RECENT YEAR][REDACTED]< $26,500
K-12 Teacher[MOST RECENT YEAR][REDACTED]< $109,200

First off, if you want to make money: DON’T be a teacher. But if you want to be a teacher and make a little bit of money, this is what you should know: Education exploits seniority. Your pay is artificially limited by your years of experience. Depending on the system you’re in, it could be logical to stick it out as you move up the scale. That’s likely an exception though; and pretty boring. All in my opinion of course. You want money? Now? Find a school that will pay you more. If you wanna earn even more than that, and have the skin for it, you’ll go into administration. If your eyeballs are literally dollar signs however, you’ll go into consulting. Not that it matters, but I will simultaneously respect you more, and yet mostly less, by default the further away you get from students.

Please understand that all of this is a generalization, particularly the following: in terms of your personal education, I’d recommend having a master’s degree. I don’t believe a doctorate is worth it.

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