Give Me A Thrust

Planted: October 22, 2022
Last tended: February 25, 2023


I binge-watched “Helluva Boss” last night and I think it’s amazing. I can’t recommend it enough, especially considering how short it is. I particularly enjoy the song “House of Asmodeus”.

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And here’s an awesome cover:


You singing love songs in my lustful lounge?

Ozzie’s ain’t thΠ΅ place for sentimental sounds

What’d you expect from a proprietor like us?

Your demon host, Asmodeus, the embodiment of lust

Give me a thrust

Yeah, show me some lust

From the groin to the bust

In desire we trust

In the house of Asmodeus

Oh deary, don’t get so fussed

Oh look, you’re starting to blush

From your groans to your grunts

In desire we lust

For the house of Asmodeus

Little imp, you came here to sing your serenade

Perform your feelings on a velvety stage

Well, we’ve got a saying that’s quite popular in these parts

Only little bitches strum the strings of their hearts

You wanna hang around this lustful town?

Ditch the lovey-dovey or we’ll knock you around

Here we sing songs about wants and desires

(Depravity, savagery, loins hotter than fire)

So, give me a thrust

Show me some lust

From the groin to the bust

Little imp, you just must

In the house of Asmodeus

Come on, sing us a song

You know we’ll all be going till dawn

Make it graphic and long

Be sure to rhyme “thong” and “shlong”

Go ahead, get it on

You sold your life for a thrust

That’s the spirit of lust

Give a moan or grunt,

You better get your head must

Pretend you aren’t feeling flushed

Go β€˜til your bones turn to dust

From the groin to the bust

It’s desire that we lust

In the house of Asmodeuuuuuuus

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