3.0 Your Psychology

Planted: September 1, 2022
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Welcome to Stage 3!

Now that you know the internal mechanisms behind inadequacy, it’s time to delve into the deeper causes.

These are mostly external causes, created by upbringing, environment, and experiences.

Childhood is certain to be the original cause, the rest are merely possible influences. It’s so important to be aware of these because they have such a strong influence on the way we feel about ourselves.

These are just the main ones – watch out for others that are more specific to your circumstances. Childhood bullying for example can be HUGE – and can contribute to the creation of a life-long sense of inadequacy. Bullying can cause you to feel like whatever you do is wrong, or that you need to act in a certain way, or do certain things, to be β€œgood enough”. Or, some people experience shame in the workplace. Parenting can also be a source of inadequacy. So think about your own personal causes when going through this section. I’m covering the common ones, but you’ll need to take these principles and use them to analyse your own life.


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