Beta Bard's Song

Planted: October 21, 2022
Last tended: February 25, 2023


>She lets you know she sees you as a friend
>Chad’s thundercock delights her to no end

>You tell the -chan about your lonely feels
>She moistens at seeing Chad’s abs of steel

>She doesn’t love you, so you ask God: “Why?”
>She licks her lips as Chad grabs her thigh

>Cucks say: “Orbit, it’s the right thing to do.”
>She gags on ropes of Chad’s seminal goo

>You reminisce of the time she gave you a hug
>She spreads her legs for Chad on his living room rug

>You made her a gift with a handwritten note
>Chad covers her/it in a slimy white coat

>You’ve been her closest friend since you were young
>She pleasures Chad in public with her tongue

>You tell her your secrets, your hopes and your dreams!
>Chad just rips her pussy apart at the seams

>You give her your homework, help with her class
>Chad takes a shit and makes her wipe his ass

>She says she loves you, she’ll always care
>Chad’s cock is making her pooper tear

>You get to her party, pour her some punch
>Chad already ate her pussy for lunch

>You’re too shy to tell her so you leave her a note
>Meanwhile, Chad puts his seven-inch cock in her throat

>You dream, once again, of cuddling with her
>Chad’s face fuck is what she truly prefers

>She promises: “I’ll never leave you alone.”
>Later that day, it’s Chad who’s making her moan

>She swore to love you, through thick and through thin
>Creams her panties at the sight of Chad’s chin

>You text with her daily to show that you care
>She cums as Chad beats her and pulls out her hair

>She tells you that: “We can still be friends.”
>Chad and his friends fucked her from both ends

>“Gee, I hope I can stay friends with Stacy.”
>Chad’s got her modeling something racy

>You post frogs because you miss her
>She screams out while Chad’s cock splits her

>She says she’ll be there for you when you’re in need
>She’ll leave you hanging to ride Chad like a steed

>You tell her you love her and she thinks that you’re strange
>She swallows Chad’s cum in the hope that he’ll change


Poster || Me

Website || 4chan

Board || /r9k/ - ROBOT9001

Date || Jan 6th, 2019


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