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 No.70358[Last 50 Posts][Watch Thread]

This is part 11 of the webring thread, still going!

Last thread was lost after the soyjack raid so here's part 9: >>63471

How do I join?

* a link to your website
* a 240x60 banner of your website

* Post a link to your RSS feed on your site. Communicate with other Lains by responding to articles on their RSS feeds with responses on your RSS feed. If you're both subscribed to each others feeds, you'll see each others responses and can long-form communicate back and forth in a decentralized way.


Lainchan boards got restored from backups after a flood of spam, and some threads weren't in the backups. You can read about it at the top of the page.



File: 1686675721958-0.jpg (26.48 KB, 637x608, 637:608, 1673702835188668.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb



File: 1686681088271-0.png (22.81 KB, 240x60, 4:1, medium.png) ImgOps iqdb

My personal website. It ain't much but it's honest work.




duude i already knew your page from surfing around neocities and i gotta tell, it's one of my favorite personal pages. it's not just the design, but i have a similar mentality/morals/fears to the ones reflected on your blog. I was actually considering sending you a mail telling you this, but i'm glad to stumble upon the author of eigenvoid over here :D



I'm glad you like it!



Added to my copy of the webring.



File: 1686785635572-0.png (26.62 KB, 240x60, 4:1, smile.png) ImgOps iqdb

my site. I still have a bit unfinished on it, but eh



File: 1686866405467-0.gif (115.32 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner_bass2nick.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>>70358 (OP)
Personal site with a booru, imageboard, filehost, XMPP server, and articles on the main site.

Is it expected to make a webring page by scouring other lists, downloading all the banners to your site, and updating banners/sites by watching these threads? I'm unsure of how it's properly done and this system seems like it would result in lists that are mostly outdated.

An online dream journal is an interesting idea. I tend to have trouble remembering mine, and when I do it can be difficult to describe them without being extremely verbose. It seems to be much easier to recall old dreams while dreaming.



I would like to thank the webmasters who have added bass2nick.com to their webring pages.

Bonus thanks to Artic from The Arcade and sizeof(cat) for maintaining good webring pages. I used your pages as a starting point and put together
which is perhaps one of the more complete lists right now. Still need to populate tor and i2p; maybe I'll see about serving onion and eepsites.



the homepage has a tasteful amount of schizophrenia



>>70358 (OP)
I want to join the ring but I am struggling to come up with banner ideas. I am not a graphic designer and my website has nothing that resembles branding.
>How do I make a banner?
Also what is the best way to keep the index and link to the current webring thread up to date?



I think
is the most updated version?



made a daily unique visitor counter, if anyone wants to implement one in their site but doesn't know how to,
Happy to be of service!



A delayed YW since I just got around to adding it...





>>70358 (OP)

The "How do I make a banner" question creeps up a lot and maybe it should be its own thread. Each person a part of this webring has a different way of doing it from a technical POV.

To speak personally. My logo was done in the free software known as "GIMP". pick a font, type some stuff, add another layer for the background, and smash as many combination filters in the 'render' category of GIMP until you get something cool.

With the age of GPT low-res background art is probably easier now.

I did animate my logo using OpenShot and FFmpeg (very multi-platform). But at 3MB I felt it was way too heavy to use on a webring.

From a creative POV. You put your artist hat on and try to determine in 240x60 pixels what the 'feel' of your website is going to be. If you are not a creative person then just fonts and primary website colors are more than enough!

If you are going for a particular aesthetic, there are a ton of tutorials on how to use paint software to make things like CRT scan lines, static, distortion, etc.

Best to you on finding your style. - S



Here are some ideas:
>plain 2 color banner where the only text is the name of your site. then just replace it later if you make a nicer one
I noticed multiple versions of some banners when I was making my webring page and I tried to select what looked like the "newest" one to me.
>pixel art that you like, can be self made (pixel art can be easy) or ripped from something. examples: a character from metal slug, something on nightt's retro art, an image you like with a pixel art filter slapped on it
>imitation of a certain button or font from a piece of software you like
>part of a photograph with your logo slapped on top
if you want, you can use a photo I've taken and I'll edit a banner for you if you don't know how to do so. Just preferably not posts 61 or 68 on my imagehost since I use those all over my own branding.

My own logo was made by taking pictures of a fossil I have and a moving a light strip around it. I did bulk edits in darktable and all the final work and animation in krita. I wish I could have a smoother look with 3x the frames, but I didn't think the resulting filesize would be respectful.

As for keeping up to date, I've seen a couple attempts such as
pointed out, and
which is more outdated but with some recent pull requests.
Ultimately I decided to write up the page myself in a spreadsheet and find-and-replace my way to victory. I also wrote a fancy script to tell if the sites were dead/under constr- lolno I visited every site manually and updated the page by hand.

Hey S-Config, I actually stumbled across your site on tor before I knew it was in the lainring. Do you have any suggestions or warnings for someone considering offering their site through tor? I was thinking of writing a redirect that prevents tor users from going onto pages that require JS. Also, I feel like I'd have to rewrite any media sources using absolute paths to prevent accidental loading from the clearnet domain, but I'm not certain. It might also be nice to override image size styling to make them smaller, but I'm not certain how to do this such that the images loaded are small but they retain links to the original.




Hey Nick,

To answer your questions about Tor. Mileage may vary on this advice as I'm using WordPress. I did have to sit down and re-write the hooks of WP-core to check against $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] making sure the client is coming in from the right address from nginx. If you are building your HTML static you don't have to worry about this.

I also had to set nginx to deny access to anything backend related like the admin panels to keep the script kiddies at bay. was getting annoying seeing hundreds of attempts a day.

As for image content, CSS font-family styling, etc. Yeah, I had to absolute path everything. Super annoying the first time you do it. Had to also tell WordPress to suppress the website address so it would go to

instead of


Javascript on Tor is not really a life/death thing back when I used javascript because all browsers honored <noscript> as a fallback. If you code your own JavaScript you shouldn't have a problem doing relative linking just like the images. I didn't code my own JavaScript and relied on code from commercial plugins that to be blunt was lazy.

As for general advice with Tor. It's almost the same as running clear-net web. watch out for anything that allows users to upload. like guestbooks. etc. If you do something like that, make sure it doesn't publish immediately and goes into a moderation queue for you to approve.

Treat Tor like it's the 1990s internet when Google doesn't exist. You got to get the word out that "you exist". If you ask people that host links to nicely to add your site. They probably will. Be patient. Might take a week or two before they do anything. If your server up-time is good eventually other tor sites will catch on and share the link around. Because Tor is still a small community you stand a fighting chance of someone finding your site versus the clear-net search engine hell.

For images, I didn't take the smaller/thumbnail path and instead went for optimization. Making alts for webp and avif (jxl is still hosted despite the browser industry crushing the standard). Might be problematic if I revise my site for 4k. But have not crossed that bridge yet.

Not sure if it helps. Hope it wasn't too spammy. But best of luck to you getting onto Tor. - S



File: 1687710472855-0.png (279 B, 240x60, 4:1, 0x19.png) ImgOps iqdb

I ended up creating a simple banner.

I created and intend to maintain a git repo with a json file. I manage my entire site through git because it's so much easier to push a commit and let my site pull changes with a cron job.

My site data follows. The ports for tor and i2p are significant so please don't truncate them.

url = https://0x19.org
img = 0x19.png
title = 0x19.org
feed = https://0x19.org/posts/feed.php
tor = http://ilsstfnqt4vpykd2bqc7ntxf2tqupqzi6d5zmk767qtingw2vp2hawyd.onion:8080
i2p = http://xzh77mcyknkkghfqpwgzosukbshxq3nwwe2cg3dtla7oqoaqknia.b32.i2p:9090

My lainring is at https://0x19.org/lainring

I have a few posts about mirroring existing sites to tor and i2p. Feel free to ask if you need help.



Welcome to the Lainring, my copy is updated now.



>let my site pull changes with a cron job
Why not push to your website itself? You can automate building and syncing HTML to a public page rather easily.
It's how I do it for mine Lain doesn't know about it yet. Soon(tm).



File: 1687822542389.jpg (Spoiler Image, 901.58 KB, 1024x770, 512:385, 1687822522624.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I am somewhat concerned about the possibility of my vps getting nuked on the same day my hard drive dies. Some other guy's git host is just another machine that has the potential to get nuked but it helps me sleep better knowing that at least 3 most recent copies of my site exist somewhere. Of course I could self host git on a different vps provider with a different domain name but I have not done this yet. I wouldn't lose anything because no one aside from the occasional spam bots seem to interact with any of my repos.



File: 1687900151209-0.png (4.16 KB, 240x48, 5:1, bannerminuteman.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hello, don't know if anyone will see this but i was wondering if I could join this?

my site: https://theminuteman.neocities.org/



added to my copy. can't wait to see what your site becomes




and your site is? so I can add it to my webring.



It's this site:




It's now been added.



Added to my copy, also be aware that cosmica's copy is a bit outdated.



File: 1687911896962-0.png (13.96 KB, 747x80, 747:80, bannerstuff.png) ImgOps iqdb

Added to mine as well, but you might wanna re-make it 60 pixels tall (as opposed to 48px) so it matches the rest of the banners everyone else made.




The title was adjusted to pixel standards and inserted into my webring.

Welcome Aboard!

- S



I like web rings, but it seems like your sites are 90% aesthetic and 10% content. I would rather link your substack blog if it has cool articles on it.



>>70358 (OP)
really cool looking page, maybe make each shape on the top act as a specific section of the page

also, i gotta ask, how freaking old are you?? The tech section says you got your first phone ever 2 years ago.



Thanks S. I'll keep note of this once I'm ready to get on tor. I see that 0x19 has some information about it as well (I have added all three of your addresses to my ring btw). I'm gradually taking measures to secure the clearnet site, such as recently writing a script to throw all of my configuration files and site data into an encrypted tar.gz, which I then keep copies of.

There are quite a few ctf articles on Lux in Tenebris and I was considering attacking my own site to see if it has vulnerabilities. A bunch of bots have certainly tried.

It's kinda sloppy but I put a
<img width="240" height="60" src=...
onto banners that don't match the size.

Some sites seem to treat the aesthetic as the content. I'm considering pushing sites with good insight on them higher up the list, but currently I've settled for alphabetical order because it seemed "fair enough." We have a mix of experienced and fresh people on the webring and being in the latter category, a decent portion of the effort has been in just getting the site and services up and making it look alright while being compatible with desktop and mobile.

I have some items I could put on my site, but something I am running into is deciding whether I'm okay with having certain things up there. I've been telling people I know in meatspace about my site and although I totally could put up a bunch of demos about my experience learning death metal vocals, or put up some of the longer fiction I've written, there are some considerations.

Unrelated: I have an rss feed at https://bass2nick.com/rss.xml



>I totally could put up a bunch of demos about my experience learning death metal vocals, or put up some of the longer fiction I've written
Honestly I think you should. There was another poster in the last (now purged) thread where he was flaming everyone for basically creating personal websites for the sake of making a website and failing to put anything interesting on it, and as much of an asshole as he was I think he had a bit of a point.

I know technically a website doesn't "need" anything but websites with actual stuff on them are infinitely more interesting than sites without. (not including the requisite blog section with like two articles.)



Addendum: That's less of a problem on your site since you seem to have actually already put a lot of stuff on it (and it's pretty good!) but yeah I'd still recommend adding the demos and longer fiction. No such thing as too much, you know?



>maybe make each shape on the top act as a specific section of the page
That used to be the case but people told me that it was difficult to navigate (i.e. remember which shape led to which thing) and I figured that they were right.
>how freaking old are you?? The tech section says you got your first phone ever 2 years ago.
20. I have very strict parents.



I use a css class for the images to force 60x48. I like the idea of svg banners and am thinking forward.
peep my site. 0% design 100% content. I found it useful to write a post about the intention of my website so that I can always refer back to it's original purpose.
>My goal for this site is to use it as a dumping ground for my ideas. I also intend to publish other articles on the things I am doing at the time.
>This site will always be compatible
>This site will always be JavaScript free
>This site will always be minimally styled
>get paid
Of course, I have broken some of these intentions but I decided that building and hosting webshit toys does not really interfere with the main website.
Most of my information is OpenBSD specific because I use my website as a place to document my projects. Tor is fairly easy to add but i2p will significantly increase the amount of bandwidth your server uses. I would recommend securing the clearnet site first either way. I see that you are running multiple services. This isn't an issue normally but you have to be vigilant. Anywhere a client can input text is something you have to think about. This includes GET and POST requests and anything you parse logs with, not just form elements. Path traversal and injections are easy to detect and easy to prevent. The standard advice applies: use key based ssh authentication and disable password auth and maybe pam, don't install a webshell that allows you to get into the system without ssh keys, use a firewall, read your logs and mail occasionally, do backups if you consider your server "non-disposable", use daemon users (instead of fuarrrking root or a standard login user) for services that you want to reverse proxy to, etc. You can do lots of easy things to thwart drive-by skiddie spam.
For your meatspace issue, only share as much as you feel comfortable with. You can't really unpublish things from the internet so think about if you want these things permanently attached to this identity. Even if present you is okay with it future you might not be okay with it.
>how freaking old are you?? The tech section says you got your first phone ever 2 years ago.
a better response is
>old enough to know better
don't give them anything they don't need to know.



Knowing my age doesn't really narrow it down for anyone trying to uncover my identity.



File: 1688592335301-0.jpg (41.02 KB, 480x270, 16:9, forants.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Updated my copy at
But had to use some thumbnails instead of the full-res banners because that's that archive.org saved after the flood. If anyone's copy of the webring has the updated full-res banners and animated gifs, I could use the heads up to update mine.







i spend a lot of time trying to think of something interesting to write up a blog post about but 99% of the time i just save the draft halfway through and never come back to it. i think the only things i have extensive knowledge about are computers and video games but i dont want that to be the only thing on my site yknow



I sometimes worry that my blog is cringe and boring, and then I encounter yet another blog that's just some idiot rambling about how their day went like a long-form social media post. The drafts you're abandoning are probably far more insightful and interesting than most blog posts.



maybe youre right. another reason they end up drafts is because i have a hard time collecting all my thoughts into something that's structured and easy to read. ill just keep chipping away at them and eventually something decent will come out.




Totally normal process of writing. Sometimes the thought isn't complete until another event comes by in life. Got 13 pending myself.


About the whole cringe and boring thing.

Bloggers that write about their day are valid. Perhaps it depends on the day that they're having that determines the level of interest to the reader. In a way, I appreciate bloggers like that because they don't care who they're talking to. In some cases, they're just doing it for themselves. The reader is simply along for the ride.

The worst bloggers (to me) are the commercial bloggers. You tend to see them showing up on mall or airport kiosks pushing their utterly vapid agenda. As if somehow flying first class is 'roughing it'. Or what type of luggage matters which at the end of the day everything is destroyed in baggage. I believe those people have been replaced with GPT by now. At least I hope so.



I want to hear about your life and not about something you're selling, so start publishing!



>>70358 (OP)
Where's thread pt. 10? =(



"disaster"? what happened?



spam from a certain unmentionable place involving unacceptable imagery. see blotter



What hosting do you use?
I use Nearly Free Speech myself.




Guessing this is a general question.

For me, it's a reseller for Vultr for my VPS. Clear-Net DNS via ENOM/TuCows. RapidSSL wildcard cert. Little pricey. But 8+ years going no problems.





File: 1688992131177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.75 KB, 635x624, 635:624, 1688992124139.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I prefer vps over shared hosting. It's more expensive and more work but it is more free in the sense that I can run whatever services I want to run and gain the ability to entirely avoid cpanel. I use vultr because they allow you to upload isos. Anything that runs on kvm should run on vultr. DNS is namecheap, I use acme.sh for ssl. So far, my accounts have not been terminated.
I have been thinking about building my own vps provider or shared hosting shell server for anons, lains, and frens but I haven't got that far yet. I am currently having a difficult time when it comes to working on projects.



I'm using a offshore hosting company, but I've had problems before with corporations trying to take my site down, so there's that. Shinjiru, PRQ, etc.



I have a vps from vultr, although I've been looking into switching to openbsd.amsterdam
I don't know how I feel about moving to a country in the 9 Eyes though



i rent one out from capsul.org, ran by cyberia.club
you may or may not be able to get one, they sent out an email a while ago saying that they're at max capacity and are preparing to install another server
i like them, but be aware that their OS images are outdated



grandiose little user. read more



File: 1689106545915-0.gif (183.96 KB, 240x64, 15:4, banner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>>70358 (OP)
i'm pretty interested, for www.yo252yo.com, seems like a cool way to broaden my horizon!
but I don't trust myself with maintaining an up to date version of the webring, is there a canonical source of truth that I could iframe maybe?



Added to my list, the point is that the webring is decentralized, we don't have a central authority for it. If the central authority dies, we will still have the webring, in its current updated status but it's better than nothing.
So no canonical source of truth, but cosmica, sizeofcat, webring autist, all update as soon as possible.
Welcome to the lainring.



Thanks, that makes sense. In the spirit of decentralization, I have added a self-hosted banner at https://www.yo252yo.com/banner.gif

I did not realize how limiting Wordpress would be for any kind of iframing or cross domain stuff. But after a fierce battle I've managed to put up a reasonable looking version:




File: 1689192785106-1.png (198.28 KB, 801x286, 801:286, pic.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've updated it all with the ones from this thread. the last one I had from the last thread was eigenvoid, think that means I'm finally up to date again



nvm seems a bunch escaped cross referencing from other webring listings, I'll grab them tomorrow. for the off chance anyone actively wants to be on here and notices they're not. xn-neko from quite a lot of threads back, feel free to check if your soykaf is there: https://xn--z7x.xn--6frz82g/webring/ I do try to keep up with the threads and other listings but some people just escape completely



It's ok, it's not a full time job to update and you don't have to :)



I have added your website to my copy. There is no canonical source of truth but a few of us maintain somewhat current versions. At some point I need to write an uptime checker because a few of the links are now dead. My git repo is a version of sizeofcat's copy but I added some php and generate an opml file from the list of feeds. I'm not sure if wordpress and git play well together. See >>70678



File: 1689224917054-0.gif (13.69 MB, 655x690, 131:138, out.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1689224917054-1.gif (8.51 MB, 536x536, 1:1, out1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1689224917054-2.gif (5.57 MB, 288x288, 1:1, out2.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I made a quick script to create a gif of ECB encryptions of an image (felt cyberpunky hahaha)

Here are some results. Warning, it strobes fast.

Inspired by >>71058



Oh, and the awful script for anyone interested in tweaking it :)


from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory
import shutil
import subprocess
import os
import re
import secrets
import sys

def main():
cwd = os.getcwd()
filepath = os.path.join(cwd, f'photo.png')
idcmd = f'identify {filepath}'
res = subprocess.check_output(idcmd, shell=True, text=True)
width,height = re.search('(\d+)x(\d+)', res).groups()
with TemporaryDirectory() as tempdirpath:
temprgba = os.path.join(tempdirpath, 'photo.rgba')
convertcmd = f'convert -depth 32 {filepath} {temprgba}'
for iteration in range(1, 100):
tempenc = os.path.join(tempdirpath, f'photo{iteration}.rgba')
tempout = os.path.join(tempdirpath, f'{iteration}.png')
r = secrets.token_hex(16)
sslcmd = f'openssl enc -aes-128-ecb -e -in {temprgba} -out {tempenc} -k {r}'
reconvertcmd = f'convert -size {width}x{height} -depth 32 {tempenc} {tempout}'
output = os.path.join(cwd, 'out.gif')
ffmpegcmd = f'ffmpeg -f image2 -framerate 15 -i %d.png {output}'

if __name__ == '__main__':



File: 1689225993437-0.gif (17.93 MB, 468x311, 468:311, out.gif) ImgOps iqdb

and of course, it won't look too nice on high variation images like most real-world images.



File: 1689988263294-0.jpg (11.22 KB, 300x233, 300:233, FjkzyZtXkAIto2P.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

sometimes i think about updating my website

then I don't...



added some of the new sites to my site, added link to notes wiki, added note to outdated info, added rss



Also finally got around to adding an RSS feed to my site.



File: 1690145615569-0.gif (625.77 KB, 240x60, 4:1, n1lbanner.gif) ImgOps iqdb

hei, this is my personal site. there is still a lot i would like to add but w/ever



its got some great backgrounds, added to my site





File: 1690197831263-0.png (19.99 KB, 240x60, 4:1, banner.png) ImgOps iqdb


I want to explore the esoteric bimbo-bratz-barbie pink aesthetic and eventually completely remade the website in hot pink glitter. I plan to post more math and personal programming projects in the future.



I don't feel ready to post my site here. I mostly copied most of Sizeof(cat)'s style and still trying to learn Hugo.
Can someone explain to me the easiest way to display the webring in an Hugo post, please?



Nevermind, I got it working.



That's remember me a song of Coil.



it is, in fact, a reference to Coil!

“That’s one of the things about music that fascinates me most—how combinations of basic mathematical frequencies take on such extraordinary emotional power and suggest such meaning. I mean, how do—what are basically just sequences of vibrating tones at certain specific numeric values—make us all feel like they do? And not only that but why do we all, regardless of our cultural or ethnic origins, hearing a certain chord or tone, feel the more or less the same? I guess Jhonn was right: Angels ARE mathematical, after all.”



Still here, still updating, after almost two years.





File: 1690309761785-0.png (15.39 KB, 240x60, 4:1, bnr.png) ImgOps iqdb

it's me again, sorry but i remade the banner, please use this version instead. also added all living websites from the webring that i could find to my page



Seriously couldn't think of anything better, whatever.




File: 1690311973245-0.png (6.63 KB, 240x60, 4:1, Andros button.png) ImgOps iqdb

And here's the button, forgot to add.
I couldn't think of anything better but I think it looks kind of nice, minimal, maybe.

Also apparently I have an rss feed. But I don't really know how it works.




I have updated my copy
added. Your https://andresz.xyz/posts/index.xml page might be what you're looking for. I'm not sure how your rss generation works either.



updated my copy and added



Website havers, am I better doing the layout, the stylesheet or the contents first?

I have a homepage and some articles written but everything is currently very bland ugly looking bare HTML, I want to make it look pretty, so I started making a proper stylesheet, but then I don't know if I'll want to change that when I make a decent layout, but then should I not write more stuff before trying to make it look nice?

I feel like I should know way more about HTML and what the site is going to be about before making a layout but I keep thinking about doing it.



>Website havers, am I better doing the layout, the stylesheet or the contents first?
everything at the same time. improvise



It doesn't matter, friend, content is king. I've read websites that output plain text without any CSS or JS.
Just write.




Content and aesthetics are not linked at the hip. Echoing others here. You can make content on plain-text html. using the very basics such as headers, bold, italics.

From there, you can add style/CSS later. Or, at the same time! This is kind of the beauty of running your very own website. There is no corporation that is telling you what to do or even when to do it. You are not locked into the format of another overlord. You are free.

Like all things art, you take inspiration from the things you've seen and experienced. Modify, and add it to your own creation.



It doesn't really matter. I do layout first, content second, then stylesheet last. Writing generic stylesheets helps a lot. Content is what matters most.



File: 1690681143865-0.png (22.83 KB, 240x60, 4:1, redchanitlain.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1690681143865-1.png (25.67 KB, 240x60, 4:1, matchalain.png) ImgOps iqdb

I dunno if this is exactly the thing you guys are looking for but I lurk here and figured this thread was cool, so here's my website and my buddy who made it's website for our Team Fortress servers if that's up your alley. If not that's alright, just saw this and was like "huh, neat."





>>70358 (OP)
Hey guys, hope everyone's doing good. Haven't been here in a while. Any news to share?



Usually, when I'm building a new site from the ground up, my process will be:

>block out the basic layout in HTML using lorem ipsum for filler content

>start making it look cool with CSS
>start the process of building the PHP stuff I'll use to streamline content publishing and updates.

Just prior to push to production, I'll also do a webapp pentest to make sure I didn't fuarrrk up anything in my PHP to make it dangerous.

After initial push to prod, I now have a basic framework, and most everything else is just here-and-there piecemeal changes. I'll make CSS changes in a very "test in prod" way, while PHP changes will be tested on the dev setup before push to prod and if any PHP changes require input handling, I'll probably do a full pentest in the dev environment as well.

The raw HTML itself will likely not change too too much (it's a massive undertaking usually to modify something so built-in), but if I were to do so, it's usually to implement a major new feature. I haven't done anything like this on my current site, thusfar, though. Lots of CSS changes and a few new features over time, but no real HTML mods since the very beginning.


No new sites, but I changed my site's visual style pretty radically again, added a message board and a few other things that are documented in my changelog.

main URL:


Probably the most reliable way to access via clearnet atm:


Yes, it is significantly slower, less safe, and more error prone to use some offhand tor2web gateway like this; I advise just getting tor.



If I wrote a public site to keep track of weather sites in the webring are up or down, what would be a reasonable frequency for checking the status of sites?



Daily? It's not like somebody's life depends on the liveness of our websites :)



Probably monthly or quarterly 2bh. I think everyone updates pretty infrequently if the RSS is anything to go by.
I dont think a website should count as "down" unless the link actually 404's or the site is completely broken though.



would be cool if it had a master list of newly published articles from all the RSS feeds, like an aggregator.
also it could check for page updates. but not sure how to do that efficiently.



God y'all some broke boys, god y'all some broke boys.



Sad to see the lain that ran minugahana shut it down, the compound coming up in my anki reps made me go check if it had any updates and welp. Keep your stuff up, laintachi.



File: 1690941740775-0.png (17.38 KB, 716x86, 358:43, ksnip_20230801-205213.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do any lains know anything about these spam posts I've been getting on my tinyIB instance?

They are quite mild as far as imageboard spam I've seen, consisting of a title that is some permutation of "I want to know about your price," a body approximating the same text in some random language, and a name and email address. I've also only seen about 3 of them over the 2 month existence of my IB.



add fake input fields and checkbox to your site and make them invisible. ban anyone who writes something in the input field or checks the checkbox. you could also require some self-hosted CAPTCHA or require mkproof (either for all new posts or just new threads).



Thanks, this is really helpful, I am chunking through the css tutorials on W3schools now to learn it and will try and put together some templated layout sheets tonight and insert my content into them tomorrow.

I have to do everything systematically or I get bogged down and end up going off on weird tangential tasks

I did this initially but after writing about 5 things I didn't feel excited about it anymore, I guess I wanted to see a website take shape, not a bunch of stuff in <p> and <h1> brackets that looks like a word document, like I think the content I've wrote is OK, not worse than some of the other stuff on the web ring, but it just looks like a textfile, it doesn't feel good to interact with



File: 1691012307718-0.png (3.68 KB, 240x60, 4:1, giggles_banner.png) ImgOps iqdb

Hello, this is my simple blog it does not have a fixed type of content and I dont create new posts in a regular manner too. Hopefully someone will enjoy.

I can feel free to add anyone from this thread my webring page?





Nice technical articles, welcome to the Lainchan webring



Thanks, I will add the banners in my webpage later. I was looking your posts and I enjoyed the BusKill thing a lot, I do this the poor way haha, I start a shellscript which query /dev/sdX if it dont exist then halt and catcha fire!.



added. I liked the article where you played with finger. I wrote a finger server myself (hooks into inetd).
With older finger servers it was possible to put ansi escape sequences in your ~/.plan so that when someone fingered your user they would get a very long ansi spinner. If you repeated something like:
the result would be an ansi spinner animation that stalls the finger program. ESR calls it the "twirling baton" animation but there are other possible animations. http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/P/plan-file.html



Whoa, so you already proved it works! my idea on playing with finger was trying something like this, but I wanted to make finger block on read so I let some code running to generate dynamic content. Unfortunately finger check if the plan file is a regular file and I can only make it open a fifo using race condition :|

I still need to add the banners, and I probably will do this at this weekend.



Thanks again,I have the website more or less together now and a bunch of entries written but I want more detailed stuff so I'm going to try and write a few more before publishing



updated. I might suggest that sites that don't have their own webring pages link to someone else's webring, like Eigenvoid does.

Before, I had noreferrer on my webring page, but I've taken that off so that you guys can see when traffic goes from my site to yours. I've gotten about 109 visitors from angelsaremathematical, and I wouldn't have known that if she disabled referrers.



this is my blog, i talk about assorted things. i just posted an article on aaron scwarz. https://blog.shr4pnel.com



and my RSS feed is available at https://blog.shr4pnel.com/rss.xml



Kickass articles, anon! Keep them coming and welcome to the Lainring, I've added you to my copy here:



thanks, means a lot you'd respond to this first, i circle around to your website frequently. hoping to post an article a day or every other day.



Love the articles and the banner (lol)



File: 1691635182690-0.png (2.23 KB, 240x60, 4:1, ownms.png) ImgOps iqdb

>>70358 (OP)
I don't really know what to do with this website, but i thought it would be fun to code it. Plz give ideas to this poor man. https://havinganame.neocities.org/



File: 1691640346964-0.png (6.78 KB, 240x60, 4:1, 260x120.png) ImgOps iqdb

This is my blog, where I talk about stuff and stuff
Feed is at https://microbyte.neocities.org/index.xml



Added, you were already in my feedreader.
I don't want to "decline" people because I don't get to decide who goes in and who goes out of the webring, but I guess you need some more content and decide what to do with the website? Maybe the other members can chime in?




i would agree with >>71825, the site is pretty empty, but i added you anyways

idk if i want to add stuff like this. yeah i'm not deciding who goes in and out of the webring, but i have a feeling that these websites don't really fit in and they don't have any links to the webring.
what do you think? should we add them?



also, how do you all feel about websites in the webring that do not link the webring in any way? they made no effort to help others and they just got free advertisement. should we link them?



What is that supposed to mean?




i wonder if my site could join



To be fair there's already a website for a Quake III arena community in the webring



File: 1691685790821-0.png (146.09 KB, 764x260, 191:65, pic.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1691685790821-1.jpg (130.95 KB, 604x595, 604:595, kotbeeru.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

the good thing about the web'''ring''' structured in this way is that everyone has a slightly different verison of the sites. some excluded some. some added some. its worthwhile to explore all the rings. also finally up to date again though somehow I always end up missing a bunch compared to the sizeofcat one.
early weekend drinking regards



I ended up adding the recent submissions to
but I might decide to move certain sites to my "empty & under construction" category or make another category for sites that warrant it.

I would prefer if the webring members not advertise discord or similar walled gardens on their sites, and that they not use tracking scripts. What is the point of a webring if it starts to morph back into corponet? Additionally, some sites have some serious readability issues. Please guys, don't trade basic readability for quirky formatting.

Some sites in my "dead" section could potentially be security hazards, particularly for users who do not use script blockers, so I am considering removing the links and only having the banners.

Also asking this.

I think what I'll do is wait a few days, then go through all the sites, and for those that do not also link my site, move it to a category which will be called "quasi-members" or something. This will be placed between the "empty" and "dead" categories, and the banner sizes will be reduced. However, sites that were part of the webring before I joined that don't link me will still be listed normally, though perhaps I will bump more recently updated sites up. Sites that excessively advertise walled garden services may be excluded outright.

Does anything I suggest sound unreasonable?



I think we can't expect people to add the webring page BEFORE asking here to be added, so giving them a week or so sounds like the sensible thing to do.
Also, if you encounter websites that are in the webring and they don't have the webring page, you should post them here so we can update our copies accordingly.
> I would prefer if the webring members not advertise discord or similar walled gardens on their sites, and that they not use tracking scripts. What is the point of a webring if it starts to morph back into corponet? Additionally, some sites have some serious readability issues. Please guys, don't trade basic readability for quirky formatting.
Totally agree, but each owner has their own website aesthetics in mind, and as long as the trackers aren't really annoying, it's ok I guess?
For me, the only requirements for a website to be added to the webring would be to have some kind of content, an about page, a homepage linking to some online friends, maybe a small links archive with stuff he or she found interesting, a picture of the family cat or something. Mainly the website to look personal and not something crafted for the clicks (and let me tell you, the webring definitely brings some traffic to your website, like >>71760 said. Don't expect thousands daily though, but those are organic visitors, real people.
> Some sites in my "dead" section could potentially be security hazards, particularly for users who do not use script blockers, so I am considering removing the links and only having the banners.
I have a "dead" section of my site too, and randomly clicking on it few days ago I noticed FönixFogelFuchs coming back online, so I updated the entry. I don't think we should remove websites, just mark them as dead/offline (maybe don't put anchors so people can click on them, just plain text?).
> the good thing about the web'''ring''' structured in this way is that everyone has a slightly different verison of the sites. some excluded some. some added some. its worthwhile to explore all the rings.
Exactly, that's the point. I think we're close to 120 sites in the webring so yes, make sure to browse around, you will find lots of gems.



I think one of the inherent strengths/weaknesses of anything decentralized like this is that you are going to have wildly different types of sites of varying quality in it, if there is no central authority deciding what the base line standard is or what the theme is actually supposed to be the community should either agree that to be in the ring you have to share the whole thing, trash and all, or that every member can display content from the ring however they like.

I don't see the varying kinds of sites as an issue, rather as a strength, the variety is really nice and kind of unusual for webrings, more content is definitely better than less though, 30 minutes writing is probably more worthwhile than 60 minutes fiddling around making a complex layout.



writing a finger server with inetd is pretty simple. I'm sure you could write one that supports CGI or some other simpler server scripting
added. Add lainfriends pls
added and ^
write anything. It doesn't matter. Just write.
added despite the pisscord link
I wrote the code for my lainring and deployed it shortly before making a post. I do the same when I update my copy. It's not unreasonable to prefer that members "join the ring" before announcing that they have joined the ring. As far as I was concerned, the only way to become a member of lainring is by hosting a copy of the ring itself. Asking to join the ring in this specific general can't possibly be a requirement for a decentralized webring because it implies centralization. I think that even "asking to join" is somewhat of an incorrect phrase because it seems like more of an announcement of membership.



blog.shr4pnel.com webmaster. away from computer until tomorrow, but i’ll get the webring buttons up soon



examples of websites in the webring that do not link the webring in any way (at least i didn't find anything):

i wrote the comment on his neocities profile asking why he doesn't have links despite so many people linking him and you know what? he deleted the comment

also https://skumsoft.ltd/slimenet/
i really like the website though but it is like kicking dead whales down the beach that he doesn't link anyone. so many people have slimenet linked, imagine how many views the site got without giving anything in exchange

there so much more of such websites in the webring sadly



Added, and I was really behind on updating my webring page, lol. The ring is getting pretty big and I might take off any buttons that lead to dead webpages.
I agree with the sentiments other Lainons had ITT that anyone who wants to "join" the ring should host a copy of it, or at the very least say something like "webring page coming soon(tm)" in their introductory post.



I think we should remove them (the websites that don't host a copy of the webring). If someone has the time and wants to make a list of them, we'll be forever in debt (if we decide to remove).
Our webring doesn't have many requirements but i think hosting the webring page should be a requirement.



Sounds good honestly, how about from the next thread going forward sites will be removed and not added until they have a copy of the webring



i think it would be a good idea to contact the sites in question first before removing them and ask them to link a webring version of someone else

same applies to websites that DO actually have a webring page, but link like 5 pages or something



updated your code a bit, now it allows you to tinker with the settings using argparse.
i also fixed openssl giving an error saying it needed either "-pbkdf" or "-iter", so i just passed "-iter 1"



from tempfile import TemporaryDirectory

import argparse
import subprocess
import re

from random import randbytes

from os import system, chdir, getcwd, urandom
from os.path import join

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("-i", "--iterations", help="Amount of iterations", default=100, type=int)
parser.add_argument("-d", "--depth", help="Image depth", default=32, type=int)
parser.add_argument("-f", "--framerate", help="Final gif framerate", default=15, type=int)
parser.add_argument("-o", "--output", help="Output file", default="out.gif", type=str)
parser.add_argument("-c", "--cipher", help="Cipher to use", default="aes-128-ecb", type=str)
parser.add_argument("--key-size", help="Amount of bytes for the encryption key, doesn't really matter", default=8, type=int)
parser.add_argument("--hwgen", help="Use hardware rng instead of python's builtin rng", action="store_true", default=False)
parser.add_argument("file", help="File to convert", type=str)
args = parser.parse_args()

cwd = getcwd()

def main():

res = subprocess.check_output(
f"identify '{args.file}'",
shell=True, text=True

size = re.search(r"(\d+x\d+)", res)
if not size:
raise Exception("Could not get image size")

size = size.groups()[0]

with TemporaryDirectory() as tempdirpath:

temprgba = join(tempdirpath, "photo.rgba")
system(f"convert -depth {args.depth} '{args.file}' {temprgba}")

for iteration in range(1, args.iterations):

tempenc = join(tempdirpath, f"photo_{iteration}.rgba")
tempout = join(tempdirpath, f"{iteration}.png")

r = urandom(args.key_size) if args.hwgen else randbytes(args.key_size)

system(f"openssl enc -{args.cipher} -e -in {temprgba} -out {tempenc} -k {r.hex()} -iter 1")
system(f"convert -size {size} -depth {args.depth} {tempenc} {tempout}")


system(f"ffmpeg -f image2 -framerate {args.framerate} -i %d.png {join(cwd, args.output)}")

if __name__ == "__main__":



Hello, it's been a little moment, da skool caught up with me.
Where can I find a resource to update it? I believe there used to be a git page or something.
Also, is there a way to kinda automatize RSS when I write all my pages manually on the Neocities interface?



Thank for making my code less soykaf :)



artic, sizeofcat, webring autist, i think they are updating it the fastest.



> i wrote the comment on his neocities profile asking why he doesn't have links despite so many people linking him and you know what? he deleted the comment

kek, dat sounds like godcock. i understand where you're coming from, but, to me at least, it's not just about the diversity of sites on the ring, but also the diversity of personalities.

idk if i want to add stuff like this.

yea I feel you here. it's funny because one of 'em actually has a personal site: https://bobatealee.com/ not that it perfectly fits either but these feel a little detached. dat said, pretty sure we have like a doom mod site or something on the ring, so there's a little precedent?



File: 1691908540039-0.gif (1.7 MB, 320x294, 160:147, 1587477421081.gif) ImgOps iqdb

hey fellahs. been a frequent poster in these threads for awhile also advertised the ring around other places since i love the project. but haven't worked on a site yet! can ya believe it!?

i've got some questions about hosting. i was planning on using neocities to host since that's where most of the people without their own domain are located. never used it before, nor its predecessor GeoCities.
i'm used to using git for static websites. so... HOW do you make/update neocities sites, is it all manual? is there a page editor in the browser people are using to work on their sites? that wouldnt be appealing to me i'd prefer to push my code from a repo.

alternatively, any free TLD's or subdomain identities i could grab and point that to a regular github/gitlab pages location? i remember .tk being cool but they were shady back in the day. they'd insert ads on the page when you weren't visiting it from the IP it was registered on. hmmm actually ill just get a .xyz domain theyre like $3.
but if anyone has some thoughts/ideas, might be helpful to other people that dont wanna pay.

BTW, would any of you be annoyed if I used some big corp like github pages to join the ring? would any of you not want to add me to your links on that basis?




I can't talk about Neocities because I never used it, there are plenty of cheap domain names (you should really get your own and not rely on Neocities for that).
The only people I would "deny" would be because of too little site content. Feel free to use whatever you want and feel comfortable using.



>HOW do you make/update neocities sites, is it all manual?
Yes. Unless you're using a template or an external program to generate it you have to code the website from scratch.
>is there a page editor in the browser people are using to work on their sites?
There is but it's kinda laggy and crap and I'd recommend writing the code in an external text editor (I prefer notepad++ cause it's extremely simple but you 1337 hacker types might like that fancy pants "vim" I keep hearing about) and just ctrl c ctrl v it into the neocities editor.
>that wouldnt be appealing to me i'd prefer to push my code from a repo.
I don't know if you can do that *specifically* but that's because I've never tried to.
>BTW, would any of you be annoyed if I used some big corp like github pages to join the ring? would any of you not want to add me to your links on that basis?
Honestly most people probably don't care that much (aside from earlier people were moaning about linking to cancerware like discord, and frankly I feel the same) but the only real requirement for being a part of the webring is hosting a copy of the webring page.

Basically do what >>71901 said and just use whatever feels natural to you. Also, yeah make sure your site actually has stuff on it before you post it ITT.



the diversity of personalities has nothing to do with what i said. people can be whatever they want as long as they link the webring. i would even link these team fortress websites, but these guys just seem to want some free advertisement



>>71901 >>71902
thanks for the feedback. just did some quick research; neocities has their own CLI client for interacting with your site. seems like i'll be content just using neocities.



I really second >>71901 advice about getting your own domain name since you haven't started yet. It can be a good thing to "own" your urls. Check this link out for free domains: https://free-for.life/#/?id=domains

I understand, I also understand desire for people having copies of the webring. By all means, encourage away. Just keep in mind that our key element is decentralization. You'll find many people here pretty lax about forcing people to do things on their site. Someone might come along and be like, "I will only link sites whose opinions I agree with." I'd personally disagree with that, but it is their autonomy. Same as it is our autonomy to link back to them or not. It's definitely a balance, yo. I just feel we should be more wary of sites that clearly don't fit (like an online marketer, just as an example) rather than looking to pick a fight with godcock who, yes does not have a mofo copy of the webring, what is wrong with him, but he clearly belongs / fits here.



I've noticed some of you with cool ideas for the webring so I just wanted to re-highlight an idea I've had for awhile now.

If you aren't familiar with the concept of Planets / feed aggregation / live feeds:


I understand everyone has their own reader, but I think it'd be cool to have something like the following for the lainring, check these out (just as examples):

- https://news.indieweb.org/en
- https://tilde.team/~zinricky/agora-feed/
- https://hn-blogs.kronis.dev/all-blogs.html

Just bringing this up cause I'm not big brain enough to do it myself, but I don't think it'd be a hard thing to do...



don't use the official neocities cli, it's terrible, and that's if you can get it to work. use one of the many alternative clients

i had considered doing this for my own website, but then i never finished it and i'm still just a lurker...



ahhh there are advanced thingies going on I can't just copy paste the html. I'll do it manually and leave it as punishment for my neglect



here's a small automation using bash might be useful to some


SITE_DIRECTORY=img/webring/ # you need to leave a trailing slash


FILE=$(echo $1 | awk -F/ '{print $NF}')
read -p "URL?: " URL

echo "<a href=\"$URL\"><img src=\"$SITE_DIRECTORY$FILE\" alt=\"$URL\"/></a>"

neocities upload -d $SITE_DIRECTORY "$1"



you can use custom domain names for github/gitlab pages but it makes ssl difficult. I have used neocities before and it's just as much of a pain in the ass as any other shared static hosting provider. No easy git or even rsync support. There is a ruby command line client but it does not work as I expected it to.
My honest advice is to pay for a domain name and a vps because the initial effort of assembling a web server is less than the continuous effort of fighting with cpanel or whatever your provider is using.



rss noob here, I might start writing on my blog again soon enough, I was wondering how to get an rss feed going.
got any suggestions?



much appreciated, thanks



lol /g/ tried to make a webring and it was just autistic overcomplicated nonsense:

wonder if anything will come out of it?



File: 1691953388981-0.jpg (121.75 KB, 750x657, 250:219, Penisive coach Z.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Nope. Mmmmmaybe they'll get as far as getting the actual webring up but it'll collapse in six months either from drama or neglect. 4chan honestly really, really is like kicking dead whales down the beach at collaboration these days. It's really depressing how far that site's fallen.



That looks weirdly messy. Is anyone here from the start of this webring? I've been here since 2021 and I think it was then the 5th if not the 6th thread already. Kinda curious how it went here



I've made some changes to my webring page and now people can copy paste the HTML code for the current members into their website page as quick as saying ... cowabunga! :D
No idea, I joined in Feb 2022, maybe getimiskon or ophanim know more.
FINISH HI... I mean it. Hope you got the Mortal Kombat reference.
Great idea as always, I wanted to do this on my website but it's static and I can't do it with JavaScript only because of CORS.



well at least /g/ users don't take themselves seriously unlike this website lol, lain user



Yeah, well, cry me a river, we have a webring, reminds me when /g/ gets something done together, and I don't mean STDs.



there you go, got an rss feed now



File: 1692029691940-0.png (2.01 KB, 240x60, 4:1, gamajun.png) ImgOps iqdb