Wherever You Go

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Wherever You Go
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Rick and Morty (comics) First run (2015โ€“2020)ึŽ: Book 1, Volume 2, No. 7 ~ The Rickfinity Crisis, Part One / Dream a Little Dream of Me

“I’ve been to the edge of our universe. Slept underneath stars we can’t even see from here. Danced with alien royalty in glittering palaces millions of light years away. But– But I’m standing still.”

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There You Are

I’ve spent a lot of my time with “travelers”; people who desire to “see the world”. You probably have as well, reader. Search “How many people want to travel?” and you’ll find crappy articles referencing uncited surveys that start at ~66% and reach up to ~95%ึŽ. But let’s not stop at obvious tourism industry propaganda, social media and its psy-ops also undoubtedly have an impactึŽ on peoples desires to visit new places.

Why do people do it though? Ask and you’re likely to get answers such as: experience new things, meet different kinds of people, amass priceless memories, learn about cultures or history, rest and relaxation, finding yourselfึŽ or expanding your horizonsึŽ. Other answers that people don’t like to bring up are: faking / chasing clout, flexing, mining content, fear of missing out (FOMO)ึŽ, self-indulgence, keeping up with the JonesesึŽ and exploitation.

Let’s Check

Traveling is a privilege of the fortunate.ึŽ Those lucky enough to be born in a time such as ours where something like space tourismึŽ is what might be seen as truly “elite”. Timing alone is, of course, not enough to be one of these “blessed” however. Your wealth, health, circumstances, choices / priorities, etc. all play a role in whether or not you are bestowed the opportunity.

Most do not choose their lot in life. And โ€œmaking the most of itโ€ can only get some so far. Irrespective, many will NEVER get the opportunity to travel. Do you think those people incapable of โ€œfinding themselvesโ€? Do you think all they’ll ever have are worthless memories? Surely they could never truly learn about history or cultures!

But let me stop grandstanding for the little guys to take a moment to look at you, devoted traveler. There may be a lot of world to explore, but I bet you ain’t got a lot of life to explore it with. Wander wherever you’d like, but I ask: How long? How much of your time will you bestow upon a place? Years? Months? A week?! What world are you “seeing” then, visitor? Resorts? Tourist attractions? Manufactured, commercially-sanitized, state-approved EXPORTS?!

The Global Perspective

Here’s a great, short (<5 min) video about over-tourismึŽ (Wikipedia articleึŽ). I recently wrote about how “everything is a scam”ึŽ. Tourism is (allegedly) a ~7.7 trillion dollar industry. It (allegedly) accounts for roughly 10% of the global economy.ึŽ Homie, someone desperately wants you to spend your money here, and, allow me to assure you, “expanding your horizons” is the last thing on their mind.

I loved this quote from the video:

“Tourists can alter the experience of visiting something such that they ruin the very experience that they’ve been trying to have.”

It touches on the ugliness of forcing something; of denying it its freedom. There is a certain kind-of beauty in things when they come of their own accord; naturally, spontaneously… authentically.

Reader, it is my belief that you are already on the greatest journey of them all. One that even the saddest of “influencers” could only dream of aspiring to. It doesn’t need a ticket, you’ve got exclusive VIP access and it’s an experience unlike any other.

Don’t let nobody tell you how to live it, yo.

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