Walk the Way

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Walk the Way
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Finally, this post is Part 3 in my series on: The Personal Web [#1֎ & #2֎]

The Paradox of Choice֎

Whether your desire to make a personal website comes from exploration and inspiration֎, or innate motivation, eventually, rubber’s gonna have to meet the road. Unfortunately, when you finally do commit to the endeavour, you’re gonna be forced to make A LOT of decisions. Decisions surrounding questions you (possibly) didn’t even know existed, and each one with a cacophony of potential answers.

Monsters such as analysis paralysis֎, perfectionism֎ and regret֎ can rear their ugly heads and overwhelm us in these kinds of situations. Make us wish we had tools like spice֎, or maybe a time machine֎, to fight them with. Anything to ward off feelings of frustration, anxiety or failure.

But, in the time I’ve spent creating this website, I’ve been reminded, again and again, of the wisdom in facing those very fears head-on. Of the beauty in trying, and stumbling, and falling and getting back up. Of the value in embracing adversity, in wearing your inadequacies earnestly and learning from them.

I Wan’na Be Like You֎

Not to say that you have to figure everything out by yourself! Here are some strategies that I think are general enough to serve you as well as they’ve served me:

- Give yourself deadlines.

Whether you’re researching a question that’s got WAY too many answers, or trying to push out a blog post, having a time limit can do wonders for that ‘Just Do It’֎ energy.

- Find a role-model.

Or 2, or 3! A “mentor” doesn’t even have to be the person themself, it could just be their site. Webmasters L-O-V-E to talk about how they built their site, or, at the very least, they usually provide a way to contact them.

- Forest for the trees.

There’s A TON to learn in web development. So much, that sometimes I feel it’s too easy to get stuck in the weeds. For example: Topics like accessibility, while meaning well, can sometimes be too much for a budding webkeeper to handle. It’s valuable to remember that: There’s nothing less accessible than your site not existing in the first place.

~ ~ ~

While I wish creating a personal website was easier, the experience is a journey, NOT a destination. A website that is loved will never be finished. There’s fulfillment in the challenging, in doing ’things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard’.֎

Or, as a friend of mine֎ might put it: ‘Suffer the pains, not the chains’.

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