The Neon God

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The Neon God
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A nightlightึŽ / neon lampึŽ in the form of Lain IwakuraึŽ, main protagonist of the anime: Serial Experiments LainึŽ. A book about Charles DarwinึŽ, and his scientific theoryึŽ of evolutionึŽ, the word ‘LOVE’ึŽ, and a model of the Eiffel TowerึŽ, are all featured in the background. Found on AliExpress.ึŽ

The Original, Uncropped, Higher Quality Image is available in: BlueึŽ, CyanึŽ, Green [jpgึŽ & webpึŽ], PurpleึŽ, RedึŽ, Yellow [jpgึŽ & webpึŽ] & WhiteึŽ

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Finally, this post was heavily inspired by suraguึŽ and his post: suragu posmoderno. It’s written in SpanishึŽ, but you can read it in (Google Translated) English here.ึŽ

ยฟOye, tรบ tiene WhassApp?ึŽ

In Spanish, we have the saying: ‘Amor de lejos, amor de pendejos’. In English it’d be, roughly: ‘Love from afar, love for idiots’. Like the proverb, I won’t be bothering to define loveึŽ today. For the sake of discussion though, let’s roll with the idea that love is present, in some way, throughout the typical trifecta of:

Co-workers / Acquaintances <–> Friends <–> Family.

Ergo: Abuelita doesn’t approve of far-off friends, and she sure as hell ain’t commending you for having a long-distance lover.

I don’t hear the adage as much as I used to anymore. I suspect its perceived value has been slowly eroding away; not that it was ever intended to be dogma. Though, lol, Gran Gran did enjoy having the highest likelihood of getting to say ‘I told you so’. But, ha! She couldn’t forsee the future! We sure got one over on her in the end… Right?

Present Day, Present Time

Meemaw, for all her faults, be spitting straight fax, yo. Unfortunately, her wisdom is up against a formidable force, an adversary capable of warping humanity’s sense of spacetime.

the meaning of ‘far away’ begins to blur. And detractors proclaim Nana’s perception of proximity as “primitive”. Because their new lord has bestowed upon them a “more accurate” understanding.

Just a ManึŽ

The deity has no shortage of such “gifts” either. Each one individually, and cumulatively, granting all manner of “celestial power”. How could anyone blame us faithful for our worship? We’ve become “almighty”:

Carrying “omniscience” in our pockets, manifesting fantasies as “reality”, larping as Frankensteins!ึŽ We converse as phantoms, the diluted remnants of intimacy’s essence, and yet still, somehow, retain the gall to call that a “relationship”.

Clearly, we’ve deemed Nature as “inadequate”. God’s labour as “insufficient”. And that, where He “falters”, the imitator “provides”: Synthesized light, fueled by the unrelenting, subatomic dissection of the apple. A sad substitute for the Sun’s sanctuary. But we’d trade ANYTHING to keep away the dark. ANYTHING for “salvation”.

For the absence of hardship, uncertainty, unknowns, loss, loneliness, hate, heartbreak, struggles, pain, death. Indeed, a “perfect world” knows not of night…

And so, we sooner play at divine architects, at semi-gods, than attempt to live humbly, boldly, gracefully, (w)holy, as men.

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