On the Fish in the Sea

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On the Fish in the Sea
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Old man battles with giant blue marlin from his canoe. Made famous from Hemmingway’s Old man and the seaึŽ by Carey ChenึŽ via Pixels.ึŽ

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Como Tu DecรญasึŽ / Like You Used To Say

Lately, I’ve been thinking about relationships. Probably cause I’ve been seeing this girl. But it ain’t just “romance” I’ve been contemplatin’: family, friends, coworkers, internet folk, the whole kebab, really. But dating (& marriage) is a good jumping-off point for where I wanna take things today.

Courtship is a pretty high-stakes affair. I mean, we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for our families, right? We sure as hell didn’t pick ’em after all; and alternatives are practically non-existent as a kid. No, family’s just the hand we were dealt. But our lovers? Those are (mostly) on us, yo.

Commitment comes with many a penalty: risk, sacrifice, rigidity; just to name a few. It ain’t a trade to take lightly; I certainly don’t…ึŽ We want to get it right, we NEED to get it right: The ideal match… And now, more than ever, there’s no shortage of potential partners. “The world is our oyster”, traveler. Naturally then, is it not our fault when we fail to find its pearl?

I Never Knew YouึŽ

Or at least, that’s one story I imagine the Online “Dating” Market, $3.15 billion in 2024ึŽ, is selling people. Jesus Christ, HOW btw?! Their profit literally DEPENDS on keeping their customers utilizing the service!ึŽ Isn’t that more obvious than a pyramid scheme??? But, yea: โ™ซ Just keep swiping. Just keep swiping. Just keep swiping, swiping, swiping. โ™ซึŽ

Veritasium recently posted a (unsurprisingly) great videoึŽ on the 37% rule / marriage problemึŽ / optimal stopping.ึŽ Can’t recommend it enough. Though, I’d say that’s the absolute maximum (if not a bit over) amount of logic, math and, most certainly, “tech”, that I’d inject into the endeavor. Also, I like to pretend that, if it weren’t for “muh industrial society”ึŽ, I wouldn’t need this sh*t spelled out for me via a got dam YouTube video. Lol, as my guest, you’re welcome to that cope if you need it too, visitor.

Anyways, do you see where we’re going yet? There IS NO PEARL for us to find. The world ISN’T our oyster. WE’RE THE OYSTERS! We fugging MAKE the pearls. You and I could spend 20 lifetimes swiping our 400 fingers away and I GUARANTEE YOU the best we’ll ever get is Mrs. Krabs!ึŽ It’s in the commitment, the penalties, the risks, the sacrifices… where the treasure we seek is formed.

Perfect PlacesึŽ

And that holds true for more than just our love quests, stranger. Acquaintances and friends, family (if you’re lucky), coworkers (careful with those). But also: Our hometowns, our cultures, our histories. When we treat these things as replaceable, rejecting others for benign opinions or trivialitiesึŽ, selling-out our lands and customs for modern opportunities / conveniences / values / homogeny, we betray ourselves. It’s behavior no different than that of our corporate overlords.

So beware, prospective sailor. Despite what our current age would have us believe, its ‘unparalleled choice’ isn’t a life raft; it’s an anchorโ€”a manufactured hindrance, chaining our ships to harbor. It preys on our own fears of the voyage to come, taunting us with assurances that exist solely on the shore, tempting us to turn back at the first sign of discomfort. But overcome we must, for it is only in the ocean’s profundity where our incomparable bonds can be forged to their rightful depths.

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