Internet Scavenger Hunt

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Internet Scavenger Hunt
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End of the Line

For the uninitiated: There comes a point in every school cycle where you’re basically done teaching, but you’re still stuck babysitting. How an educator deals with this absolute factึŽ varies wildly. In my case, I ascribe to the “Let’s have some fun!” philosophy.

I’m a Computer ScienceึŽ / Technology EducationึŽ teacher and my lessons are a bit exciting in general; if you’ll let me say so myself, kind stranger. Naturally however, this means that for “the grand finale”, I dial things up to 11.

Easter Eggs

Below is a list of websites (and their creators) alongside some example challenges.

NamesExample ChallengeCreators
A Dark RoomึŽ / Universal PaperclipsึŽUnlock โ€˜A Dusty Pathโ€™Michael TownsendึŽ / Frank LantzึŽ
Become an Ordained MinisterึŽAcquire certificate (don’t provide the link)Kirby J. HensleyึŽ
ChronophotoึŽ / TimeGuessrึŽ / GeoGuessrึŽScore >= 3,500Unknown / Unknown / Anton WallรฉnึŽ
Got Rhythm?ึŽ (The Sound BoardึŽ)Score >=ึŽ
Just a Minute!ึŽLand at 60.XJinay JainึŽ
Library of BabelึŽFind this sentence in the library (don’t provide the link)Jorge Luis BorgesึŽ & Jonathan BasileึŽ
Little Alchemy 2ึŽCreate a zooJakub KoziolึŽ
Lunar LanderึŽScore >= 600Seb Lee-DelisleึŽ
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4, 3, 2 & 1ึŽSuccessfully fly, and land, the planeSebastian MackeึŽึŽ /ึŽTake a screenshot, make them find itJasperRLZึŽ / Neal AgarwalึŽ
PuzzleScriptึŽ (e.g. Every Star Needs a TreeึŽ)Solve the puzzleStephen LavelleึŽ (ToomblerึŽ)
StellariumึŽFind our closest stellar neighborFabien ChรฉreauึŽ
The Wiki GameึŽWin twiceAlex ClemeshaึŽ
TypeRacerึŽWin a raceAlex EpshteynึŽ
WhichipediaึŽScore >= 7Unknown
Winnie the Pooh’s Home Run DerbyึŽBeat lvl 6Walt Disney JapanึŽ
World Cup QatarึŽScore >= 7YCayciึŽ

The way the game goes is:

  • Split the class into groups. 4-6 students per, more or less.
  • Present the challenges.
  • Students work as a team to complete as many as they can.

A hurdle you’re likely to deal with is that some challenges are harder or more time-consuming than others. That can be remedied with the addition of a points system proportional to each item’s difficulty. Since that will vary with the goal you set, I’m not including them in this post. Also: Be mindful that the element of surprise and limited-time play into the intensity (and overall enjoyment) of the game.

Another thing I like to do is give students multiple avenues for victory. Imagine a scenario in which one team is dominating, this can lead to loss of incentive for the other groups. Consider having prizes for each team, like an MVP award, and a whole class prize for cumulatively checking off the entire list.

Anyways, I think there are a few more sites I want to add to this post so I’ll likely update it continuously going forward. Please comment below, or reach out to meึŽ, if you got something worth nominating. You’ll probably end up making some kids pretty happy!

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