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About Me

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Jayden Garridan Bridges from New York City, USA.

Who Are We?

There’s an interesting identity exercise that asks its participants to introduce themselves to one another without mentioning their name, occupation or the ability to ask questions. Forget your entire introduction, what would you start with? Your race/ethnicity? Your sex/gender? Your faith/values? Which of your many dimensions bubbles up to the surface first?

Why does it matter? Well… I believe we should be grateful if anyone gives us the chance to share even that much. An identity is not something that lives exclusively in our heads. It is something we project into the minds of others, an idea that goes on to be even further contorted in the labyrinth that is their consciousness. It is something that, ultimately, we do not have full control over despite the pervasive thought that it is ours.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Dear visitor, it is my belief that YOU are a rarity. Do you not have more pressing matters to be dealing with right now? Why aren’t you just reading the comments discussing this post like a normal person? Far too few digital travelers take the time to develop a clearer picture. And instead what is drawn in their head is a pencil sketch based on the improvised description of a tertiary source. Naturally, that’s before their mind begins the warping process.

Who has the time for that though? And who would ever spend it like this? Surely you’re aware that even with your efforts, you will NEVER get the full portrait, hmm? Your model will end up being as worthless as your rushed contemporaries’. I could give you it all and it still wouldn’t be enough. Heck, it would actually be less! Dear reader, do you understand why? It’s because this isn’t About Me, it’s About You.

True To Myself

This site exists because I wanted to be more honest– transparent, authentic, sincere. I wanted to bring down my walls, to take off my armor, to sever the ties with my lies. I wanted to create a space independent of all the politics society forces me to play. And, yet… mystery remains. Secrets lurk. They have to. It is good showmanship. Good art! George-willing, they invoke you. YOU, dear stranger, not me.

I’m just happy that you’re here. I lied. Your model is not worthless. It is beautiful, howsoever you conceived it. The distortion that your soul produces when it receives whatever message another has sent, is NOT a defect; IT IS THE POINT!

That you got ANYTHING out of something I have shared– THAT is what I’m about.

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